Charlotte NC has had 2 known deaths. The first being a pilot flying a helicopter 🚁 reporting the afternoon traffic also suffered a “medical emergency” crashed the helicopter landing on the interstate I-77 (near my home) killing himself and co-pilot. A seasoned pilot of many years experience. The helicopter had just been serviced, regular scheduled maintenance. The news media made him a life saver for landing the helicopter on an interstate instead of crashing into surrounding homes. Reports say that the helicopter was in flight and all of a sudden lost control, started a nose dive and crashed into the road! I heard the chopper fly over my house then it instantly went down. I watched this same chopper fly over my home & back to the news station earlier, not knowing that they soon would be dead. Getting pretty damn sick of all these ...

“Died Suddenly” deaths! These people have families, most with children to support & grow old with, being the only reason they took the jabs... to keep their jobs to support their loved ones ! Not to speak of all these deaths putting innocent people in harms way! It’s all so evil! 👿

I have to believe their day will come. Hopefully sooner than later!

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It needs a video compilation of all the'ME's , with an introduction reminding people of the warnings given way back about what would happen when the meds kicked in, first in the heart, then in the brain. Needs doing quickly though, before the bleeding zombie activation/deactivation event gets underway.


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good you noticed and alerted us to this change of newspeak! I wish I found a way of telling this to others, still C - Believers, without immediately being marked and treated as heretic. Any suggestions by anyone? the psychological defence is commonly "denial" with almost everybody .

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