That might have been your longest and best yet The one photo was the righteous one to drop. We've seen its a hundred time over now...but 34 year old world class surfer? I'm a surf photog on west coast and they all know out there because the top guys are talking about it. One in particular. I always try to remember that I get versions of this data damn near daily and that I may indeed not know enough to be concerned if not for you and the Stack sources.

Appreciate your witty filtering too.

Consider long sleeve white tee emblazoned with your chili avatar and catch phrase. I have a thousand surf tees so I see the world that way. I'll bet Zoe is down for one. Think about Rabbit....

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Brother, I always appreciate the input and the support. I'm glad you said something about the t's. I hadn't even thought about it. I like the long sleeve idea, and a Pureblood / Chad Rabbit cap might be pretty fresh, too. I'm glad to hear the surfing community's waking up. I think everyone is and despite the very, very solid wall of silence we've been facing for the last 3 years I'm hopeful. I think, along the lines of the merch idea, we have to go analog and convert the win.

Much love

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Thanks for reporting.

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Hey TB! Thanks again for that help a couple of weeks back. My 84 year old friend that had been shot four times for his own good had an occlusion and a TIA. Docs said it was rare and then were baffled. I told him what would happen next. Lots of testing, more baffling results and then they told him to come back in June. He is partially blind in one eye now.

Any chance you ever run across someone that found a 'reputable' Doc that does phone or online appointments for shot wounded people? He found another with a different neurologist, but it will be the same. Feel terrible and doing what I can. No worries if you don't. The last links you gave me really opened his mind and he is still processing the scope of it all, while attempting to deny it.

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Hello Anecdotal Anonymous, The best thing I can suggest is to have a look at the FLCCC site which has a link to providers, see: https://covid19criticalcare.com/providers/

What I can tell you, from having transcribed so many testimonies from the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK, is that, while each injured person's case is unique, over and over and over again, what they tell about is the gaslighting-- doctors insisting that their problem is just random, a total mystery, or else "anxiety." In part it seems that this is because of the powerful incentives doctors have to follow "the narrative" but it's also, so it seems to me, that most of the doctors believed the lies about "safe and effective," and in any event, they don't know what to do.

I just posted this transcript-- a lengthy, but good example of what I mean about the gaslighting:

Calli Varner Testifies About Her Jab Injuries in the Arizona State Senate

(With testimony on her case from Drs Peter McCullough and Chambers)

"I felt like I was doing the right thing. But now I feel like I was a guinea pig to this terrible bioweapon that has destroyed my body and my life."

Transcript: https://transcriberb.dreamwidth.org/134948.html

Fortunately, a few doctors do have some good ideas about treatment of jab injuries. Again, the best thing I can do is point you to the FLCCC site.

May your friend find the doctor and the healing that is best for him.

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@Annecdotal Anonymous ~ TB's recommendation of the FLCCC is one the best places to start. A few more physicians are listed here, along with a variety of injury support resources in case they might be helpful:

> https://workflowy.com/s/beyond-covid-19/SoQPdY75WJteLUYx#/65ab782ddcbf

In addition, here are a few articles about eye disorders resulting from the vaccines:

> https://workflowy.com/s/beyond-covid-19/SoQPdY75WJteLUYx#/febfb00a0edf

Wishing you and your friend all the best.

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Important resources!

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Thank you, TB. Always appreciate your generous feedback and support. 🙏

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Transcriber B, Metta Zetty, a thousand thanks for the links and kind directional advice. It is so much more than I expected and opens doors that will matter greatly. I've returned to my village to assist my elders/their friends and to set up 'Balance' programs. Nudging the nudged towards base level truth and assistance is a major paradigm shift for me and I dig it. I do all appointments with my aging parents, so I have a lot of waiting room time and see and speak to so many confused yet trusting souls. I wish I had an army of people that just went to appointments with the elderly. You both seem to have so much respect for people you will never meet. Leaves me inspired to quietly do more for others. I work with elite athletes and soldiers. I also assist with other types of future preparations for the ongoing and upcoming struggle. If ever you need assistance in those realms, reach out. Again, much thanks from me and mine. AA

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Not sure which is better:

> the potentially vindicating mention of the vaxx in story #4,

> the tragic caption on the image in story #14, or

> being able to predict your commentary ("Damn") on story #29.

Sadly, the world of TROME is just as bizarre as ever. . . .

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