Did not hear about Colbert. I don't give in to the Directed Harm Energy Weapons used on the wounded cult members but that guy. The dancing syringes and blatant taunts not to mention death wishes upon people? I gotta concur with you Rabbit. He will be destroyed by those he is in bed with, but it should be as public and the ritual he performs for them. I did a Dive bar tour through Alabama and found an AED in one and asked how/why I got the same response. Drinks abound later got conspiratorial and it was something no one wanted but knew it now had to be there.

Lastly, the XYZ disease...Fringe normalization.

Keep cranking it out.

It's necessary in ways neither of us may even understand. It is much appreciated.

Gonna give you break on then Tee shirt Campaign for now. This is just a minor subliminal reminder...

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Seems like there's a lot of stuff here we "still don't understand" in TROME (Story #10).

But never fear: The Woolpack Pub in Ipswich is prepared with a defibrillator (Story #18) ~ and the Falmouth Coast Guard helicopter has winch (Story #29)

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Wonder how much Colbert got paid to push the jabs, and how he's feelin about all that now. Hilarious he did not get the placebos....

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Well done, as usual. "Stay boosted, Colbert. I really, really, REALLY hope you STAY BOOSTED." That's your T-shirt right there! You could remove the name for some and definitely signed TROME. I'd buy that! Maybe without Colbert's name on it 'cause I don't want that image on my body. 100% cotton please. I hope you can find the time someday. Hope you're well.

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