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The truth cannot be told, it has to be realized. ~Ralph Smart

We are witnessing what mass formation psychosis does to a society, that is addicted to social media. We need more critical thinkers like yourself, and less virtue signaling by those on social media.

Continue to be the lighthouse - faith over fear!!!

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May 31, 2023·edited Aug 12, 2023

Crooks learned many things from the Plandemic. They learned;

- They could get most of the world to bow to their will over a well-played phantom menace.

- They could dispense with the Nuremberg Codes overnight.

- They could oust political leaders they didn’t like.

- They could eliminate Informed Consent.

- They could inflict biological experimentation onto (a stated) 5.5 billion people.

- They could get most everyone to disregard the long-standing VAERS (Vaccine Event Reporting System) safety data.

- They could collect billions of DNA samples via PCR testing.

- They could convince young and healthy people to believe they were in mortal danger when they weren’t.

- They could redistribute wealth to their distinct advantage.

- They could show people who fancy themselves as sovereign who’s really sovereign.

- They could reinvent the medical landscape to fit a No-Rights Transhumanist agenda and make it sound virtuous or, at least, inescapable.

- They could use a manufactured pandemic to accelerate the WEF’s Agenda 2030.

- They could sucker otherwise learned, intelligent people to walk in lockstep to lunacy.

- They could use the political divide to their advantage.

- They could monetize hospitals into killing patients by denying proper care and blaming it on covid.

- They could make everyone believe there is actually such a thing as a non-essential worker.

- They could make contact tracing, passports, and vaccine compliance cards sound perfectly reasonable.

- They could lord over the medical and scientific community over an unsequenced, unconfirmed, unproven to exist virus.

- They could confuse and destabilize critics with a barrage of hypocrisy and lies that you know, move at the speed of science.

- They could fool most into believing masking and distancing worked so well it eradicated influenza.

- They could use a fake emergency to do anything they want, anytime they want, to anyone they want.

- They could get people so frightened and confused they’d horde toilet paper.

- They could disrupt supply chains that led to unemployment and empty shelves contributing to sky high food prices among many other things..

- They could make it so they didn’t have to follow their own draconian protocols at all but you’d lose your job, education, or military service if you didn’t.

- They could get people to believe their deadly, killer virus could be rendered harmless by plexiglas, at restaurant tables or, protesting (for the “right” cause).

- They could make elbow bumping great again.

- And, the greatest evidence that their brainwashing was 99% effective…..

…..Music masks. Masks with a hole.

Please note: I wished to point out even if the shots were safe as saline there are a lot more heinous aspects to the story. A lot more.

So if you didn’t have a gun to your head but took the vaccine and suffered no immediate health problems, good for you! But you should know you still supported the collapse of the pre-2020 world as we knew it.

Seriously. In any other circumstance you couldn’t make this level of stupidity up and expect anyone to believe it.

Bravo to the hypnotists.

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I want to add this.

Those of us skeptics are the victims of a large scale propaganda campaign.

So when I say this, my question is does it line up with reality.

Hear me out. From the beginning we were told this was a deadly pandemic. We were given daily numbers, shown fake video footage of people falling down. You get the idea here, I don't have to paint it for you.

While these cases are interesting. We need to see the stats on athletes collapsing without any discernible reason prior to 2021. It's not that I don't believe these stories, I do. I just want to know if they'd been going on, but no one thought to report on them.

I don't want to perpetrate a narrative because of the bs thrust and pressured upon us. Also, it will serve to drive home the truth. This is not normal, no it hasn't happened before to this level, and yes, it can only be the vaccine.

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Video of the Brazilian man down ... the other players are waving their shirts to I assume try to cool the guy off...

They need to be careful - as we know fluffing duvets causes heart attacks -- and waving their jerseys involves a similar motion

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What are teammates thinking? They knew it was deathvax And they took it too

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