I don't always sleep well. You know, just those random apocalyptic / dystopian / zombie Escape from a Coastal City type scenario.

Occasionally, on a good night I can fly and it's great for long enough for me to believe I can, then I wake up a normal flightless mammal the has to drive to work. Read about enough cyborg car crashes, with attacking hearts and I find myself sleepwalking through a storm where it's raining big clots....

I'm just a regular, run of the mill, garden variety Substack Avatar.

It does make me wonder.

What the F does Don Trump dream about at this point?

I mean...no pressure or anything, just a Destroyer of worlds or Savior of Western Culture.

Appreciate the Mini Snackable TROME Treat Rabbit!

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Holy crap - now we can use your wording every time there's a "medical emergency" we can call it a Warp Speed Emergency!!

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